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My First Disney Memories, Dining and Attractions

Crystal Palace from a post card in my memorabilia Recently, my favorite Disney Podcast, the Dis Unplugged, did a show about their first Disney Dining experiences .  I really enjoyed hearing their stories.  As I started thinking about my own first Disney Dining experience, I was sent down memory lane and into full nostalgia mode. My grandparents moved to Sebastian, Florida in the mid 1970’s. All of my summers following their move involved a trip to visit them. Most times with my mom, but on a few occasions, I was sent on a bus or plane and spent the majority of the summer with them.   We always went to The Magic Kingdom for a day during my visits. I always looked forward to that day with great anticipation!   It took about 2 hours to get to the Magic Kingdom from their house.   We only stayed on property once and it was at the Fort Wilderness Campground. I don’t remember much about it except that I was terrified of the dark water at River Country and refused to get in, wh
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Disney Haul for Early Summer 2018

I have been picking up several Disney themed items over the last several months and realized I had amassed quite a little haul, so I thought I would share. This is the Year of Mickey Mouse!   It’s his 90 th birthday and everyone is celebrating!   Target has come out with a whole line of Mickey inspired items, from a makeup line to boxes of tissues and coffee cups, and a host of home and bath items.   My Target had sold out of many of the items but I still managed to find several really cute stuff. I picked up these super cute packs of enamel pins and pin back buttons.   I love the retro styling of the buttons and I collect Disney enamel pins, so these were great to add to my collection.   I found these in the stationary area of my Target. In the bath and beauty I found nail files, nail polish, hair ties, bubble bath and lips smackers is chocolate flavor! I also found a cute little pouch with pockets inside for ID and credit cards.  I put my lip smackers in sid

Disney Cosplay and Henna!

We recently went on vacation to the Unschoolers Waterpark Gathering at Kalahari Waterpark in Sandusky Ohio.   This is a great week of fun and friends!   I was able to put a little Disney in my trip on two occasions during the week and thought I would share. One day is designated as Cosplay day, do I wore yellow shoes, black shorts, a red and white polka dot shirt and my Minnie Mouse ears.   It was super cute and I received a lot of compliments.   I even made an unhappy little girls’ day happier and we had fun talking about how much we both love Minnie.   Unfortunately I did not manage to get a full body shot of my Cosplay, but I did manage to get a selfie of my ears and shirt by the hot tub.   It was very bright that day and I noticed that my own shadow looked like Minnie’s head, so I snapped a photo of that too.   The next night is henna and movie night.  I love henna night.  I love the way it smells and seeing all of the amazing designs that people create.  I howev

Blog Updates and Changes

Up until very recently, this has been a family blog chronicling our life as unschoolers.   Our daughter graduated in spring 2017 so I felt I needed to take our blog into a different direction.   I tried blogging as a mom with an adult and how my life was changing, but the tone was very different from how I had been posting.   I thought about it and have decided to make this an all Disney blog.   I removed all of the past posts except for our Disney trip reports. My daughter and I have a few Disney videos we made and posted on my YouTube channel so I think I will post those here, although they are older at this point.   I’m not sure why I never thought to share our vlogs on this blog, but inspiration has finally nudged me to share. I plan on posting some Disney at Home and Disney craft posts too.   However, we are currently in the process of renovating the kitchen and repainting the whole house.   Most future Disney home and craft posts will be after that project is complete.

Disney and St. Augustine “Let Them Eat Cake” Vacation Part 8 & 9

Day 9 & 10 – Castillo De San Marcos, Old City, Drive Home We woke up early today and ate at the continental breakfast served at the hotel.   I liked the St. Augustine Inn .   I like the location, the price, the room, staff (it is owned and run by a husband and wife team).   However, I have 2 complaints.   The shampoo and conditioner were those trial, single packs and if you asked for more you were charged for it.   Obviously that wasn’t going to be enough for 3 people.   It was cheaper to stop at the local drug store and pick up a bottle of each.   My second complaint was the breakfast.   It consisted of coffee, tea, juice, a cereal assortment, English muffins, butter and jelly.   There was not a piece of fruit or protein in sight.   Not even peanut butter.   This did not ruin our trip or anything, it was just kind of a shock after Disney. We had plans to visit the Castillo De San Marcos this morning and we were all really excited about it!   As we drove into St. August